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Malaya Perak 1938 KGVI Sultan Iskandar 40c Scarlet and Dull Purple Mint SG117Malaya Perak 1900 Tiger 1c on 2c Overprint variety Antique e in One Mint SG81aMalaya Johore 1940 Sultan Sir Ibrahim 12c Ultramarine Mint SG114Malaya Kedah 1937 Sultan $2 Green and Brown Mint SG67Labuan 1901 Postage Due Crocodile 12c Pair CTO Used Error Opt Read Down SG D7aSingapore 1951 KGVI $2 Green and Scarlet perf 17½x18 Mint SG29Malaya Straits Settlements 1914 KGV $1 Black and Red wmk Inverted Mint SG210wNorth Borneo 1945 KGVI Badge BMA Overprint $1 Mint SG332Malaya Kelantan 1937 Sultan Ismail 50c Grey-Olive and Orange Mint SG51Malaya Kedah 1937 Sultan 12c Black and Violet Mint SG61Malaya Perak 1938 KGVI Sultan Iskandar 40c Scarlet and Dull Purple Mint SG117Federated Malay States 1901 Tiger 50c Black and Orange-Brown Mint SG22Malaya Selangor 1896 QV Tiger 50c Dull Purple and Black Mint SG59Federated Malay States 1900 QV Overprint Perak 5c Dull Purple + Orange Mint SG10Malaya Straits Settlements 1938 KGVI 4c Orange Die II Mint SG296Malaya Perak 1950 KGVI Sultan Shah $5 Green and Brown Mint SG148Malaya Straits Setts 1906 KEVII Overprint on Labuan 25c perf 14½-15 Used SG149aMalaya Straits Settlements 1914 KGV 25c Purple + Mauve wmk Inverted Mint SG205aw

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