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Tonga 1895 King George II 1d on 2½d Vermilion Stop after POSTAGE Mint SG30dBritish New Guinea 1905 Lakatoi 2sh6d Black + Brown wmk Vert Thin Paper SG16aNew Zealand 1942 wmk Multi Postal Fiscal 11sh Opt Yellow Mint SG F215Tonga 1897 King George II 2½d No Fraction bar in ½ wmk Sideways Mint SG43baAustralia 1932 KGV Roo 10sh Grey and Pink wmk CofA Used SG136New Hebrides 1920 2d on 40c Red on Yellow No Watermark Pair Mint SG35Australia 1938 KGVI Postage Due 6d Mint SG D117Samoa 1955 Postal Fiscal £2 Bright Purple Mint SG235New Zealand 1936 KGV Maori Girl 3d Brown Block of 6 Mint SG582New Zealand 1940 wmk Single Postal Fiscal 3sh6d Opt Grey-Green Mint SG F187New Zealand 1941 KGVI Maori Panel 9d Scarlet and Black wmk Single Mint SG630New Zealand 1940 wmk Multi Upright Postal Fiscal 6sh Carmine-Rose Mint SG F196Australia 1915 KGV Roo 5sh Grey and Yellow wmk Pointed Crown Inverted Mint SG30wAustralia 1949 Kangaroo ½d Pane with Line to Ear Mint SG228aSamoa 1935 Postal Fiscal £1 Pink Mint SG192New Zealand 1940 wmk Single Postal Fiscal 11sh Opt Yellow Mint SG F189Australia 1935 KGV 1sh Anzac Plate 1 Pair Mint SG155Niue 1945 KGVI Postal Fiscal 10sh Carmine-Lake wmk Multi Mint SG85Australia 1931 KGV Kingsford Smith's Flights 6d Violet with Re-entry Mint SG123aAustralia 1913 KGV Roo 9d Violet wmk Wide Crown CTO Used SG10 with UPU CancelTonga 1894 KGI 2½d on 1sh Surcharge stop / no-stop Pair Mint SG24b SG24baCook Islands 1944 Postal Fiscal 10sh Pale Carmine-Lake wmk Single Mint SG123aNew Guinea 1919 KGV Head ½d Green wmk Multi Inverted Mint SG119wNew Zealand 1938 KGVI 1½d Purple-Brown Official Mint SG O138Australia 1918 KGV ½d Green Thin Fraction Mint SG48aNiue 1923 KGV Postal Fiscal 10sh Maroon De La Rue Paper Mint SG36Samoa 1942 Postal Fiscal 5sh Green on Wiggins Teape Paper Mint SG194aPitcairn Islands 1949 KGVI RSW 10sh Mauve Imprint Pair Mint SG12Australia 1930 KGV Roo £2 Black and Rose wmk Small Multi Used SG114Australia 1949 Kangaroo ½d Pane with Sky Retouch Mint SG228bFiji 1903 KEVII Short Set to 1sh with Shades Mint SG104-112Australia 1913 KGV Roo 5d Chestnut wmk Wide Crown Mint SG8Australia 1929 KGV Roo 5sh Grey and Yellow wmk Small Multi Mint SG111Cook Islands 1938 Canoe 3sh Greenish Blue and Green wmk Single Mint SG129Australia 1938 KGVI Postage Due 3d Mint SG D115Australia 1934 KGV 3d Victoria Centenary Imprint Flag Variety Block of 10 MintNew Zealand 1940 wmk Single Postal Fiscal 5sh6d Opt Lilac Mint SG F188Australia 1937 KGVI Robes 10sh Dull Purple on Chalky Paper Mint SG177Cook Islands 1948 Postal Fiscal 10sh Carmine-Lake wmk Multi Mint SG133New Hebrides 1911 KGV Weapons and Idols 5f Green on Yellow Mint SG28Australia 1916 KGV Roo 1sh Blue-Green Die II wmk Narrow Crown Mint SG40New Hebrides 1938 KGVI Gold Currency 10f Violet on Blue Mint SG63

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